Kenner Rogers, a New Orleans native grew up with a passion for gardening, which later evolved into his love for Science, Metrology and Environmental studies. He often reflects on a commercial that depicted a Native American Indian disheartened by a once pristine landscape that became barren and desolate due to pollution. This commercial left a profound impact on him, which resulted in the development of a philosophy:  "Respect that which Mother Nature has provided, and preserve what God has given for future generations." This philosophy, along with the 'Go Green' movement, ignited Mr. Rogers to seek business opportunities in the field.

Researching new developments in the energy industry and identifying the potentialities of the energy sector, brought the genesis of  Keymel Technologies. We are committed to delivering a better product for the environment and meeting the needs of our customers. We focus on distributing stellar, non-toxic products and technologies. Our company is environmentally safe and sound; our strategy is years ahead of industry.

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